Everyday Carry

There are many aspects of being prepared and everyone has some sort of system of what preparedness means to them. If you “google” preparedness or survival you will encounter a flood of information from every conceiveable viewpoint but there are some themes and terms that come up over and over. One of those terms is “everyday carry” or EDC.

In other words what do you carry with you all the time, when you leave the house what is in your pockets, purse or bag. Everyday carry can be a simple as a few things in a key-ring to a backpack full of “stuff”. The key to making this work is tailoring it to your specific needs.

Most of the items we carry is common sense based on our personal needs or job. Almost everyone has uses for a small tool, fingernail clippers, knife and LED flashlight. For some the carried items becomes a matter of how. Do we need a pouch of some kind or will they fit in pocket or purse.

There is really no limit to the combinations of useful items we can carry; the important thing is to be prepared when the need arises. Although you may already have a “kit” that you rely on for those times when a need arises you can also get some great ideas by looking at what others have in their everyday carry kit and perhaps enhance or modify your own. Below are some links to sites to aid in your search. [ Links open in a new window ]

County Comm

TEOTWAWKI Blog: Every Day Carry

Common Sense Survival

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