Be Prepared, The Boy Scouts Were Right

As kids we were mostly clueless about life and all it’s responsibilities and when I joined the Boy Scouts I had only one thing in mind. Having fun. For some of us the only place were going to learn the values contained in the motto was through this organization. We did have fun and most of us can at least remember one thing. Be prepared.

Things in our fair country and around the world for that matter are not going well. I will endeavor to dispense with all the finger pointing and blame even though there is blame for sure and fingers to point. The why can be hotly debated but one thing that we can and should focus our attention on is the “how”

How are we going to be prepared, take care of ourselves should any part of the fragile system we live in seem to fail. You can be sure that technology is even more fragile than the natural ecosystems of the earth. This should be cause for attention to this matter and we should, to the extent we can, provide the means of our own survival.

It is my hope that I can dispense with the literary act of writing and simply put forth information that can be of some use. I leave it up to you as to how you apply that knowledge.

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Sharing my outlook on design, photography and things both digital and analog from the last thirty years. My Architecture and design background forms the foundation of my curiosity and understanding of history. Sharing hard won experience for the benefit of all. View all posts by Harold

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