Daily Archives: July 5, 2010

A tin won’t be enough

While the Altoids™ tin survival kit might be useful and better than nothing, you probably need a bag. Most people don’t have well honed survival skills and will need a bigger kit if they plan to last long in the out of doors. To determine the bags contents; do your own research and then imagine how you will stay alive, find food, water and stay dry. The only way you will survive is if you invest yourself in the process. The resources are all over the internet. Gear is the easiest thing to look at but knowledge and practice are essential to insure success.

UPDATE: While we’re at it; don’t limit yourself to the Altoids™ tin size. There are lots of other sizes that can be found at craft stores etc. Try to keep it pocket size. With a slightly larger size you could round out your kit a bit more and have room for that all important tool or supply. If this whole topic is foreign to you; simply “google” Altoids survival and you will quickly catch up.