Waiting for the Cavalry

Many people are reluctant to buy in to the whole idea of preparedness because we have learned to rely on outside means of support. Just like in the movies; the Cavalry will arrive at the last minute to save the day. This is most un-self-reliant culture that has ever existed. We depend on oil, electricity, all food production, public utilities, all forms of media and mass communication to name the obvious. The only thing that gets our attention is when one of these systems fails.

We didn’t get here over night. Slowly, technology made it easier for us to parcel out services to individuals and companies that in turn made our lives easier but at the same time more dependent. Therein lies the problem; should this fragile system falter we are not prepared to implement the skills of the past to insure our well being and ¬†survival. I am not exactly knocking the comforts of our service based society; I enjoy those things as much as anyone. Sometimes, though, tragedy strikes and we suffer, very often needlessly.

I’ve read and watched my share of survival stories and for the most part the participants in these stories had one main problem, they were not prepared. Very often they lacked things like blankets, a way to make a fire but the most crucial thing was a lack of knowledge of how to survive. “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” echos down the corridors of time. Often very intelligent people have perished, not for lack of skill or intellect but simply for a lack of knowledge.

The knowledge is readily available, in books and all over the internet. The key to this knowledge is desire, you must first consider it an important thing to invest in. I’m not going to rely on the cavalry to save the day.

The Pathfinder School teaches, Improvise, adapt and overcome. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it, even profound. Here’s the key; you must train and get into that mode of thinking at a moments notice.

There are thousands of scenarios for surviving; everything from civil unrest to being stranded in some remote location. Being prepared is being able to open your bag or trunk or whatever and then to walk into a situationready to put your survival skills into action. Survival isn’t something you want to learn on the job.

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