It’s all in the Plan, or is it?

As a certain early eighties adventure series was fond to say “I love it when a plan comes together” After spending the better part of thirty years making plans I can attest to the fact the plan rarely comes together at least not without a lot of changes along the way.

When we think about being prepared for what ever catastrophe comes along there is one aspect of the plan that is crucial. What exactly am I planning for. A natural disaster is easier to plan for because we’ve seen what those things can do. Other types of disasters are harder to figure out. Terrorism, war or social upheaval is at best unpredictable. One factor that is often overlooked is that when the systems that we depend on fail, all of us are in uncharted waters.

The majority of people will be experiencing and reacting to situations that they have never seen in their life and it will be a bit surprising for everyone. The plan that wins will be the one that comes nearest to meeting the contingencies that come.

When it all goes down. It will be the the gear between the ears that makes the difference.

About Harold

Sharing my outlook on design, photography and things both digital and analog from the last thirty years. My Architecture and design background forms the foundation of my curiosity and understanding of history. Sharing hard won experience for the benefit of all. View all posts by Harold

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