Prepping at the dollar store

Like you, I love the dollar store; after all it’s just a dollar. Of course we rarely spend only a dollar; I can usually scoop up ten or so “bargains” while I’m there. The key is spotting things of quality versus those things that were so cheap they couldn’t make it in even in the big box stores.

Recent finds: Small semi hard case for camera, ten small plastic containers, first aid kit, Blistex and Band-Aids. I will repurpose the camera case for other small items. The plastic containers can hold spices, vitamins etc. short term carry. I buy the known brand names when I can and the first aid kit will get new contents in the handy plastic box.

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Sharing my outlook on design, photography and things both digital and analog from the last thirty years. My Architecture and design background forms the foundation of my curiosity and understanding of history. Sharing hard won experience for the benefit of all. View all posts by Harold

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