Meltdown? Coming or Here?

Most people who are of a preparedness mindset and probably a lot of other people feel that “something” is coming. No one really knows exactly what that “something” will look like. Natural disasters, we will always have to contend with but this “something” will be man made.

There are many warning signs, political, economic and social and even if we knew what was coming there is no predicting how each of us will respond under those circumstances.

While there is much talk of some kind of Meltdown; not only on the blogs but in the mainstream media, there is almost a feeling that some people can’t wait for it to begin. Humans have this fascination with disaster and danger. We run to fires, and car wrecks but why? This probably fulfills some deep psychological need but that’s another matter. I haven’t actually heard or read of someone saying “yeah Meltdown, bring it on” Never the less there seems to be a contingent who would like to get on with putting all their prepping and survival skills into practice. Perhaps they feel that this is just the next step in our history and are ready to embrace whatever comes.

The implications of this kind of thinking are vast. It’s probably true that we won’t see the post war boom years again. What I would like to suggest is this; Not So Fast. Which is not to say we can speed up or slow down whatever calamity may come but that many people are not ready in any sense of the word. The greater number of those who are prepared will make it safer for us all since they will be an asset and not a liability. The best thing we can hope for is for lots of people to take personal responsibility for their own well-being and for those who cannot, for one reason or another take care of themselves.

Preparation now means less panic and fear later. We say these things because those in power and positions of authority often can’t or won’t for fear of panic, or looking like a failure. So, We The People must take on the challenge and become Pioneers and pray that our salt will not lose it’s savor but will preserve our lives and all we hold dear.

About Harold

Sharing my outlook on design, photography and things both digital and analog from the last thirty years. My Architecture and design background forms the foundation of my curiosity and understanding of history. Sharing hard won experience for the benefit of all. View all posts by Harold

3 responses to “Meltdown? Coming or Here?

  • Melinda

    Harold, I’ve enjoyed your comments on a few blogs I read and finally got here to your blog tonight. I really enjoyed reading your recent posts and added you to my blog roll.

  • Harold

    Thanks for your kind comments and for adding me to your site. I hope to keep the content useful and timely.

  • Mo

    I believe you are correct. I’m not sure what looms beyond the horizon and I don’t expect there is much I can do about it, but I’m doing what I can to deal with it.

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