Survive or Thrive

We’ve turned a corner. The problems we face never really change much but the context makes a difference as to how we solve those problems. The economic, sociopolitical order is undergoing a shift and as such we must adapt because specialization is for insects.

There is currently a move towards being more prepared for the unforeseen eventualities that might come our way due to some sort of disaster either natural or manmade. These moves towards preparedness have been given various labels but they only obscure the real issue which is how will one survive if all the resources that we currently depend on, somehow fail.

Acknowledging that I haven’t read everything there is on the subject I would offer the following observation. Much of the discussion of surviving or preparedness,  is lacking one important ingredient; some sort of context.

What exactly is it you are you surviving? There are three categories of survival, 1) Lost or stranded, 2) Natural Disasters, and 3) Societal Breakdown [ which includes wars, terrorist attacks and economic collapse ] Each type of preparation requires a different response. If you are surveying the internet looking for ideas on how to be prepared for some calamity it would be good to first determine which kind of survival the writer is trying to help you with. There is some overlap to be sure but it would be a good first step to categorize the books, websites etc into the three basic types of survival.

Once you’ve become overwhelmed [ trust me, you will be ] you need to come up with your own plan that fits your situation, area and ability.

Although books could be written on the possible scenarios it is wise to note that whatever happens it will probably be different than what you imagined. In the first two types of survival the time frame is likely to be fairly short in which you must survive until rescued or the danger is past. In the case of the third type of survival it could go on for weeks, months or years. To thrive over longer periods of time there needs to be a different mindset and criteria to determine what to do. This is the most difficult thing to prepare for because it will have consequences that are difficult if not impossible to predict.

If this seems a bit overwhelming, just remember the courage of those who have gone before us. They  endured and conquered the challenges they faced and if you are willing, you can do it too. Time to brush up on the history of those who were equal to the task. What and who did they rely upon?

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