Before Disaster Strikes

The time to be prepared is “before” disaster comes calling. Here are a few observations of late. Some people who probably have more to lose are more prepared because they have the resources to do so. The most prepared person though, is the one who has the greatest insight into what is coming. I finally met someone who is actually cheering the meltdown on and hopes to see it soon.

After analyzing the gear aspects perhaps the one thing that will be most useful is water and food. Without those things you won’t have much ability or energy to use the rest of it. Many things can be improvised but you can’t make a hamburger out of old tires.

Before the disaster, make a gear / clothing / shelter, list and then a food list / plan. Where will you get all these things and will they be ready when the time comes? Next make a plan, who, what, where, when and how, taking into consideration all persons and pets. Last of all, go to the refrigerator put some ice in a glass and get a drink of water from the door. While you’re drinking that be thankful and pray you won’t need all those plans you just made.

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One response to “Before Disaster Strikes

  • Harold

    The photo above was taken at a family cookout; probably the fourth of July. In the post meltdown era, how will we celebrate our holidays or will we be too busy staying alive?

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