Saving the “print” news media [ off topic ]

I can save the print news media. I know that’s a bold statement but it’s a matter of common sense. The “secret” is to change the format. Forget the old days of desperate journalists and editors trying to craft the perfect heading that will hook the reader. People don’t like being tricked into reading something. You know the ones I mean; those cliff hanger questions, inquiring minds want to know. The fact is there is a lot of interesting but inconsequential news. For all the stuff people can’t seem to live without break out the facts into easy to scan lists or bullets. Put the fluffy news into twitteresque bites and for the gossip hounds offer an “expanded addition”.

The “real news” should be dispensed with brevity and clarity. I would say without bias but that’s probably not going to happen. The point is simply that you are competing with digital media but at the same time you have a readership to serve that aren’t a part of the digital age. There is a market for paper based, quick easy to read news.

Oh and by the way use good design to make things pop. No one want’s to wade through a sea of gray. USA Today has figured that out.

Sorry for the blunt style. It’s time to get ahead, not get even.

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