Nothing motivates like food

Everyone I know loves to eat. Not only that, they have very specific ideas about what they want to eat. This drama can be expertly demonstrated at meal times in various kitchens and restaurants around the world. Let the service fall a little behind schedule and the hungry patrons can become unhappy.

Now imagine it’s meal time, the stores have been cleaned out and you are stranded. Not being able to return home from an out of town service call and the highways are jammed due to a yet unnamed disaster. At this point it’s not what’s in your wallet but what’s in your bag. You know, that “get out of dodge bag”, “get home bag”, or whatever you call it.

You go down the list of options: Do I try to make it home, pull off and camp for the night, call for help, what’s the best option. Oh and by the way I’m HUNGRY. If your bag has a supply of readily edible stuff you can make it for a little while. If you have nothing, you only have two options; find someone who will share or try and forage on your own. Depending on your local foraging may or may not be an option.

There are a number of things you need to do to survive in a situation like this but we’re just dealing with the hunger issue. We are not used to going hungry and if we are busy with tasks like building a shelter we “need” calories to keep us going.

We also need to build fire and gather safe water to drink but the loss of one thing will tend to overwhelm us and that’s a lack of food. Going without food is both physically and psychologically debilitating. While it’s important to be able to make fire, shelter and collect water the one thing that can help us keep a positive mental attitude is to know we have made provision for food.

What kind of food you decide to put in your bag is up to you but remember that it must be easy to preserve, high in calories and in sufficient quantity for you and your group. When it comes to food prep for trail and home I would refer you to a couple of people that have been a great help in that area. The Survival Mom and Common Sense Survival’s Leon Patenburg.

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