Papa’s Bag News, What Kind and Why

Everybody carries some sort of bag these days. Kids have backpacks, ladies have purses of all sizes and men carry everything from tool buckets to high end briefcases and for the travel set there is the latest invention; the maximum carry on bag.

With so many options, types and sizes it’s a bit dizzying to figure out; how can I get the right bag for “me”. While this won’t be an encyclopedic review of the bag industry I can offer a few signposts for your consideration.

The first things to establish in your bag selection are: What are you putting in the bag, how will you carry it and for how long, what environment will you be in, and of course budget.

Some possible answers: The bag contents will determine the size and type of bag needed. List the contents and consider the environment. Are you heading to the woods or is it more for an urban/corporate setting. Some categories are; heading out to the woods or outdoor work, school/urban, business or simply your everyday carry. The budget can vary widely depending on the task. I’ve purchased bags for a dollar at the thrift store but never more than 50.00. Although you can spend two or three hundred for some bags a good budget to start with is about a hundred dollars, you can adjust up or down depending on the need.

What I’ve discovered is that you may need several bags. One for emergency situations, one for everyday carry and another for travel. As you can imagine it is easy to tie up a lot of money in “equipment” and so I recommend listing everything and it’s cost to put the whole “gear” thing in perspective. This is a good way to establish priorities and needs.

The inspiration for this post came from the realization that I was carrying things in my everyday bag that should have been in the emergency kit. The advantage of all of this bag stuff is to focus on what the essentials are and become more productive but equipped for any situation. If you found this useful or have a question, please drop a note in the comments. Thanks for reading.

and for your entertainment, another bag consideration… right here.

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