Fire Water and Food

With fire you can stay warm, prevent hypothermia, “purify water” and cook; that is if you have something to cook. Water can keep you hydrated, which is to stay alive and provide a way to keep your rice from burning. Two great elements to have around if they are on hand. 

Food however is going to be your biggest challenge. Ed Wardle Went ninety days in the wilderness alone with a backpack a small cache of food and ample hunting gear. His greatest challenge besides loneliness was the lack of a suitable food supply. The bottom line is that most of the world is hugely dependent on others for their daily bread. Growers, processors and transportation networks are all vital to our daily sustenance. To replace that system takes a good deal of skill and knowledge in order to feed ourselves and our families. It would be a good idea to have some sort of backup plan in case the aforementioned system fails.

Oh, back to the fire thing for a minute. Starting a fire is easy, just light a match; right? Wrong. Making a fire from scratch is not as easy as you might think. Forget the log lighters etc and try making a fire with some tinder and whatever fuel you can gather. It takes a bit of skill. If you don’t believe me, clean out the fireplace and start one from scratch; it’s a real education.

You’ve made fire and found water but it’s food that will be what saves you in the long term. There are a myriad of ways to find food, be it the hunter gatherer method or growing your own but somehow you will have to find a way to eat.

In the age of high tech gadgets of all kinds and technology that boggles the mind it’s interesting that the fundamentals of life are still our greatest needs and wouldn’t it be a great idea if we all turned our attention to the skills that will keep us going but have taken for granted because we thought we didn’t need them anymore.

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