Time Experience and Methods

Too bad you don’t get 30 years experience when you earn that degree; Ph.D., MBA or whatever. It’s true that methods change over time. We only had mechanical adding machines when I started in business; but the real value of experience is not about methods or equipment. The real value of experience is perspective. Being able to see people and situations for what they are. Although rules and methods change from on company to the other; what doesn’t change is human nature. Our deadly sins never change and can only be overcome by convictions of good moral character. That good moral character is parceled out by God to the soul who is willing to be influenced thereby.

Experience sees the situation for what it is and character works to make the best of that situation. The values that make up good character come from our parents and those who are close enough to have a impact on our impressionable hearts and minds as we grow up. This process is made difficult by inter generational problems in society that prevent the normal development of the child.

Understanding the world around you and being able to respond with the right attitude whether you feel like it or not, is what helps us be more successful in all areas of life. When a healthy socialization process is interrupted, all kinds of bad things start to happen; our sins will find us out. Moral fiber is what holds a nation together and without it we are at the mercy of the puppeteer.

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Sharing my outlook on design, photography and things both digital and analog from the last thirty years. My Architecture and design background forms the foundation of my curiosity and understanding of history. Sharing hard won experience for the benefit of all. View all posts by Harold

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