The Future is Food

Having suffered through prolonged power outages and some disasters of my own making I’ve developed a healthy interest in being prepared. But interests have to be turned to actions or it’s simply a mental exercise. Although I’ve compiled more than one list of what it takes to be prepared; I’ve concluded that there is one item that stands head and shoulders above the rest —Food.

Regardless of how well stocked your kit is, you are going to need something to eat. Without this precious fuel for the human body all other endeavors become hard to do and not very interesting. Food not only gives us energy but creates a sense of well being that encourages us to forge ahead. Here’s and example. 

During an all night recording session I was tasked with going out for some food for the whole team. Upon returning with the burgers and sides the mood seemed to pick up as the savory food was consumed. Upon finishing the meal the musicians went back into the studio and did the best recording of the night. We called it “the burger take”. Food is not only essential for life but also for invention and creativity.

Profound truths are so simple, we often walk right past them. As the earth nears seven billion souls we are come face to face with the fundamentals that we have relegated to the farming, processors, truckers and food handlers. Can we say “vulnerable”? The food economy, like everything else has become a huge complex machine which is problematic at best.

In “the old days” you remember those. The farmer trucked his goods to a local market where city dwellers could get good fresh produce and the supply chain was very short. The food was also better, I might add.

The problems are too big for any one person or group to solve but I would suggest the following: Take a proactive approach to your own food growth, storage and production. Hopefully, as we become more self reliant the strains placed on the food system won’t trickle down and leave us hungry. We all need to take steps now to insure perhaps our greatest natural resource; Food.


An Army marches on it’s stomach. —Napoleon Bonaparte

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