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What Wall Street & Bloggers Have In Common

Since the days when Marshall Mcluhan uttered those famous words “The Medium is The Message” we have entered a new kind of revolution that was jump started by the industrial revolution. A strange blend of art, science and the age old game of sales. I will leave others to put a name on it but it exists and is played out in board rooms, garages and in cyberspace.

It’s a frenetic thing, resembling the incomprehensible chaos that is displayed on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. This new way of doing things is part savvy side show barker and proficient craftsman with a dash of business sense to keep the thing on the tracks. It’s amazing that it works; especially for those of us who were brought up in another era.

The place where this seems to most evident is in cyberspace. Bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters all competing for attention; like fishermen crowding a very short pier for a limited number of fish. It’s sort of a controlled chaos that frankly I don’t understand but I see it working everyday.

It remains to be understood what sort of standard “it” operates by or how it is taught but by standards does a thing stand or fall.


The Young Pioneers

For every person who is young, healthy and prospering there is someone who is old, sick and living in despair. While it may be better to be pathologically optimistic it is not an option for everyone. We understand this but don’t like to mention it because it is the opposite of how we wish things to be. Time is the great changer of all things and is the key to understanding why some seem to succeed and some do not.

The current situation is not a matter of who is right or smartest or most powerful; it’s the time frame. The right ingredients are always available in the collective cupboard but not everyone knows or can find the recipe.

It is the young pioneers who are in the kitchen. Invention, creativity and guile are folded together in bowl and rolled out to the marvel of the masses because, if nothing else, it’s new. We always create on the frontier whether right or wrong even if it means trowing some folks under the bus.

The single 30s Urban Minimalist

It’s easier when you’re young and single to keep everything neat and the messes of life to a minimum. Unfortunately as you get older life gets a little more messy. As you bring more and more people into your life it requires greater effort to keep all that stuff at arms length. You can do it but it also means that you will have to exclude some of the experiences you could learn from —out of the picture. You may have to refine your minimalism to fit or retire to a kind of monastic existence. Theory and practice are always two different things.

Relationships, marriage, kids, in-laws, coworkers all bring a certain complexity that is beyond our control. Stuff on the other hand is easier to edit but still requires a lot of work. Real life is not for the lazy man or the one who shuns diligence. We all have to work at something or we are in want.

I try to edit things down to three simple metaphors of living; Bed, Table and Chair. Understanding the motive for this is very revealing and perhaps more valuable than the doing. What’s beyond this life is found in the motive.

Searching your motives is a solitary act; the rest of living is mostly a matter of editing.

What they don’t tell you about Money

There is no shortage of talk about money; mostly it’s about management of money or how the gov is spending or not spending it.

The secret is this: You must HAVE some money before you can mange it.

The key is income; without it, all the talk about money is pointless.

It’s the “love” of money that is the root of all evil. Many people would simply love to have some.

I was wrong

This might be my last post on this blog. I say might because I’m not a predictor of the future. It just seems that this blog has skinned it’s knees long enough on the analytics highway. It’s pretty easy to spot a trend these days.

There are plenty of great blogs around doing a much more thorough job of warning and informing us of the coming “TEO….” I thank them all for what I know is a lot of hard work and for doing it for free. We are all in their debt when it comes to how much we’ve been helped with everything from Band-Aids to bullets. I believe we are living in those “perilous times” mentioned in the 2nd Tim 3:–> Actually I have proof; having seen it first hand. ( It occurs to me I might add one more “page” to this blog to provide that one “ultimate survival” technique )

While I think it’s prudent to take personal responsibility for our own well being it may also be counter productive to run around yelling “the sky is falling” Yes there are real problems with dire consequences. As I shake my head at the misguided souls who have led us down this path; I am trying to keep a level head about the whole thing. God, after all, is still in control; regardless of what it may look like.

For those who are feeling the effects of unemployment and the losses that go with it, the news of double dips doesn’t resonate much. If you have nothing, it’s pretty hard to take something away from that. ( creditors take note: thousands of people would love nothing more than to pay off their debts but it can’t be done when the economy is in the tank and there is no way to generate an income. ) What’s wrong with the world? That’s a long discussion and the reason it won’t be answered is that we don’t agree on what the answer is. Actually the answer is knowable if you read history but mankind has the tendency to ambitions and motives that don’t have anything to do with what is wise or prudent. Good and evil have always been with us.

Before Disaster Strikes

The time to be prepared is “before” disaster comes calling. Here are a few observations of late. Some people who probably have more to lose are more prepared because they have the resources to do so. The most prepared person though, is the one who has the greatest insight into what is coming. I finally met someone who is actually cheering the meltdown on and hopes to see it soon.

After analyzing the gear aspects perhaps the one thing that will be most useful is water and food. Without those things you won’t have much ability or energy to use the rest of it. Many things can be improvised but you can’t make a hamburger out of old tires.

Before the disaster, make a gear / clothing / shelter, list and then a food list / plan. Where will you get all these things and will they be ready when the time comes? Next make a plan, who, what, where, when and how, taking into consideration all persons and pets. Last of all, go to the refrigerator put some ice in a glass and get a drink of water from the door. While you’re drinking that be thankful and pray you won’t need all those plans you just made.

Meltdown? Coming or Here?

Most people who are of a preparedness mindset and probably a lot of other people feel that “something” is coming. No one really knows exactly what that “something” will look like. Natural disasters, we will always have to contend with but this “something” will be man made.

There are many warning signs, political, economic and social and even if we knew what was coming there is no predicting how each of us will respond under those circumstances.

While there is much talk of some kind of Meltdown; not only on the blogs but in the mainstream media, there is almost a feeling that some people can’t wait for it to begin. Humans have this fascination with disaster and danger. We run to fires, and car wrecks but why? This probably fulfills some deep psychological need but that’s another matter. I haven’t actually heard or read of someone saying “yeah Meltdown, bring it on” Never the less there seems to be a contingent who would like to get on with putting all their prepping and survival skills into practice. Perhaps they feel that this is just the next step in our history and are ready to embrace whatever comes.

The implications of this kind of thinking are vast. It’s probably true that we won’t see the post war boom years again. What I would like to suggest is this; Not So Fast. Which is not to say we can speed up or slow down whatever calamity may come but that many people are not ready in any sense of the word. The greater number of those who are prepared will make it safer for us all since they will be an asset and not a liability. The best thing we can hope for is for lots of people to take personal responsibility for their own well-being and for those who cannot, for one reason or another take care of themselves.

Preparation now means less panic and fear later. We say these things because those in power and positions of authority often can’t or won’t for fear of panic, or looking like a failure. So, We The People must take on the challenge and become Pioneers and pray that our salt will not lose it’s savor but will preserve our lives and all we hold dear.